Well, I seem to be much better as I've managed to color two pages

of Sam Hill this evening to give you guys some more to read (finally).

A new chapter that goes into more detail of Frank Hill's wildcatting days.

Enjoy!... And keep reading--more coming soon!






I know, it's been over a month now...my lower back problems (with pinched nerve running down my left leg) have been the worst I've ever experienced. It's been extremely painful for me to sit or stand for more than a few minutes, for the past three and a half weeks now. The last time the pain was this severe was about seven years ago, but that only lasted a week or so. Today I'm feeling much better-- it still hurts to sit down for more than a half hour, but that's an improvement.

In any case, I've been dying to draw and color more pages, but I just can't go back to any work at the moment. Hopefully, in another week, I'll be back to my normal schedule--working thirteen to fourteen hours a day on Sam Hill pages. I've tried to at least color some pages (there are 50 pages of the book drawn) but coloring takes a little while and it'd be ridiculous taking a break every ten minutes.

This past week, however, I've managed to do a ton of reading (which, nowadays is saying something!). Been getting into some crime writers I've never read before. Read three novels of Richard Stark's (aka Donald Westlake) Parker series, The Hunter, The Man With The Getaway Face, The Outfit...David Goodis' Down There (aka Shoot The Piano Player), Cornell Woolrich's short stories, Three O'Clock and Post Mortem, Ellery Queen's The Copper Frame...

And continuing with Jim Thompson, I read Wild Town and Texas By The Tail. Trying to get through Elmore Leonard's Freaky Deaky, but his stuff is so hit or miss for me. Out of the half dozen novels of his that I've read, I've only really enjoyed two (Out Of Sight and Pronto).

Well, I hope whoever may still be tuning in to this site will continue to do so in the future...I hope to be back to normal very soon.







More long-term tenants of The Cavalier. A quiet page. Enjoy.






Tonight's profile is of Mitch McCoy--a smooth-talking, charismatic (con)

man who occupies a room at The Cavalier. His character is heavily based

on both Doc McCoy of Jim Thompson's novel The Getaway, and on Roy

Dillon of Thompson's The Grifters.

The Grifters was made into a movie back in 1990, with the screenplay written

by Donald E. Westlake (aka: Richard Stark--his pseudonym for his Parker novels,

of which The Hunter was clumsily adapted into a graphic novel last year by Mr.

Darwyn Cooke, remember?). John Cusack played the lone grifter in the movie, so I

based Mitch's physical appearance on him. Enjoy!




Here's tonight's Sam Hill page--more on the Watkinson family, split in half

by the sexes, as the male members (ha! male members, get it?) are sent off to

work with their father in the Bradley Beaumont oil fields.

Okay, now my rant: Have you read this annoying, bitchy, over-anal-retentive-lytical

article by this Gina Barreca at The Chronicle, concerning Dan Clowes' New Yorker cover?

This woman picks apart his depiction of an "Archie Comics-type" lad pinning up his PhD

back in his old room, at his parents' house, and just berates Clowes for his depiction of

PhDs being ineffectuals, adding that this is not at all a relevant study in today's society...

What?... Is this why I work at a pizza restaurant next to college grads? If there are

people with Bachelor and Master degrees doing not-a-fucking-thing with their education,

jerkin' off making pizzas and drinking beer all night long, then I'd be willing to wager

that there're a few PhD-ass-draggers out there as well. She later continues on to

attack Clowes (and those at The New Yorker), accusing them for being "jealous" that

they didn't work hard (with their mommy and daddy's money) to get PhDs themselves...

In the words of Robert Crumb's White Man character: "What a cunt!"  I am so sick of these

fucking intellectuals shitting on people who didn't just "work hard" in a fucking school, but who

also had to work hard for many, many years afterwards to get to where they are. Every fucking

asshole that goes through college thinks the world owes them a living. Maybe SHE'S the one

who's jealous that she's not on the cover of The New Yorker--aww, poor baby. Maybe you

should've learned to draw comics instead of learning how to be a wind-bag? But you

can't EASILY achieve notoriety that way, can you? Can't attend fundraising dinners at

The Met by just toiling away in your room drawing comic books for your own personal pleasure

and satisfaction. The fucking intellectuals have found comics...and I can't wait until they've

tired of it, like everything else they've grown tired of blowing hard about.


Here's a link to her horseshit article: