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Maybe Gary's insightful views wil help to change the very negative views that most people in the alternative comics world seem to harbor against kickstarter and like-minded crowdfunding campaigns. I've never really understood why so many people (ALL from the art comics side, let's face it) have had such a big issue with crowdfunding in general.

I believe Gary struck gold however, in this observation:

" There is, to criticism of crowdfunding generally, the whiff that there's something faintly unmanly about it, that if you can't hack it in the "free market," you're not cutting it, or that cartoonists in their twenties should work at Denny's for five years, saving their shekels so they can print their comic, or that crowdfunding is an example of charity, and we all know what Mr. A would think of that! I don't think most of the critics mean it this way, but there's a capitalistic macho to this position that I don't buy."

I'm not buying it either. Good luck to Fantagraphics Books on their campaign.

And fuck Dan Nadel.







Go here: kickstarter fantagraphics and help history's greatest american comics publisher ever with their knockout upcoming season of publications. Fantagraphics Books is without a doubt, one of the most original and influential publishers of comics and graphic novels ever to emerge in the U.S. Without Fantagraphics we wouldn't have LOVE AND ROCKETS--the best comic book of the last 25+ years, EIGHTBALL and GHOST WORLD--not only the comic book, but also a wonderfully adapted film starring the great STEVE BUSCEMI and stellar ingenues, THORA BIRCH and SCARLETT JOHANSSON! And what about their other groundbreaking cartoonists and comic book titles? PETER BAGGE'S HATE, JOE SACCO'S PALESTINE, CHRIS WARE'S ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY, JIM WOODRING'S FRANK and JIM, R. CRUMB'S MYSTIC FUNNIES and THE COMPLETE CRUMB SERIES and R.CRUMB SKETCHBOOK SERIES, JACQUES TARDI'S ADELE BLANC-SEC, TONY MILLIONAIRE'S MAAKIES, CHARLES BURNS' BLACK HOLE. Not to mention their amazing archival projects reuniting the world with the great works of comics icons. Classic works like CARL BARKS' DONALD DUCK and UNCLE SCROOGE, CHARLES SCHULZ'S PEANUTS, HAL FOSTER'S PRINCE VALIANT, E.C. SEGAR'S POPEYE, WALT KELLY'S POGO, THE EC COMICS LIBRARY reprinting the works of WALLY WOOD, HARVEY KURTZMAN, JACK DAVIS, JOHNNY CRAIG, AL WILLIAMSON, and hopefully, MANY, MANY MORE to come!

So, go to Kickstarter right now and help this one of a kind publishing house to keep on truckin'!



This month marks one year that Recoil Comics published it's first graphic novel, The Cavalier Mr. Thompson! And this week saw the publication of the fourth title from Recoil, Vikings' End. A big thanks to all who've supported my work and my little self publishing venture thus far.

This coming year we will see more 24-page debut comic books, including Yearling #1 (December 2013), Killer In My Sleep #1 (February 2014), The Mysterious Case: SAM HILL 1939 #1 (April 2014), a second issue of Dry County (June 2014) and, slated for August 2014, King Blood #1 a series kick-off based on the Don't Look Back! one-shot. All penned, designed, and produced by yours truly. Looking forward to more comics and future graphic novels on the horizon here at Recoil.





That's right! This week Issue One of Vikings' End will be hitting stores in Atlanta (You can check your local comic shops outside of Atlanta for them soon). You may remember Vikings' End from a couple of years ago when it appeared here at And, of course, you can order copies of it at the comic shop here at Recoil! Here's a snapshot of the cover art to entice you...












This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a visiting artist at Tom Hart and Leela Corman's wonderful Sequential Artists Workshop in Gaineville, Florida. On Friday, Tom and I discussed my entire 19-year career as a cartoonist and focused on my circular path that lead from genre work into autobio fiction and back to working with genre once again. The next morning we did a repeat performance at the local library. I had a great time all around and Tom and Leela were the best hosts one could ever hope for. My thanks go out to them and to all of the students at SAW who gave me their time and patience, listening to me drone on about myself for two hours. Also, many thanks to Sheila and Bill for putting us up for the weekend! If any of you interested in comics or working in the field haven't yet, you need to visit SAW now!


Pictures from The Millhopper Library discussion...





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