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KIM THOMSPON (1956-2013)


I remember when I first started making comics for Gary Groth and Kim Thompson back in 1994. It is a very fond memory, as Kim and Gary helped me to get my start in the world of comics and shaped me as a bonafide cartoonist. At the tender age of 23, It was a big thrill to have such an important publisher like Fantagraphics believing in my work and it helped that Gary was always encouraging. Kim was less of a cheerleader and more of a critic of my cartooning. In every aspect of the form--art, color, design, production and writing, Kim was tough one to please. And to be frank, a lot of the time, his criticisms got on my nerves. But without his blunt critiques I wouldn't have pushed myself--not only to be a better cartooinst--but also just to please him. I can't tell you how pleased I was when I showed him a hardcover dummy of my Sam Hill: The Cavalier Mr. Thompson comic at SPX in 2011, which had only since been posted here online at the time. He held out his hand in delightful recognition saying, "Oh, cool! Sam Hill!" His best reaction to my work since Clover Honey, my first graphic novel published by Kim and Gary. Every time I think about submitting new work to publishers, I always think of Kim's approval. "Would HE like THIS one?" is a question that pops up in my mind and is reserved for very few people in the world. Even though Kim has passed away I will always be looking for his approval.





Well, I got so excited about finishing up page one of Hellracer yesterday that I moved onto repeciling page two! Here's how panel one is coming along...










Hey, Gang!

Just finished this today--from last year (yes, LAST YEAR). Page One photgraph of Hellracer, the first feature story from my EC Comics tribute anthology, DEATH SENTENCE (slated for who knows when--no clue as to when the 32-36 page book will be completed)--another slow, ongoing side project of mine.











There seems to be a right time for watching fun movies... For me it's:

Reservoir Dogs: Best time to watch: Summer/Fall: Friday afternoon, just as the sun is setting, 5:30-6 pm.

Repo Man: Best time to watch: Summer, 12-1 am Great late-night movie.

The Thing: Best time: Winter (with Snowfall): Sunset, 5 pm.

Barfly: Best time: Spring/Summer, 8 pm. Preferably after eating a cold-cut hero and after many beers.

Factotum: Best time: Spring/Summer, 6 pm. After this, after the sun sets, you'll want to move on to Barfly.

Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! : Best time: Anytime of year, 11am-12pm - afternoon delight.

Pulp Fiction: Best time: Spring/Summer: Dinnertime, 6 pm.

True Romance: Best time to watch: Winter, 8 pm.

Scarface: Best time to watch: Hot summer night, 11 pm.

Death Proof/Planet Terror: Best time to watch: Summer, Weekends, 5 pm. It should get dark outside as it gets dark outside in Death Proof, then proceed to Planet Terror.

The Fog: Best time to watch: Fall, 10 pm. Very isolating movie, great for the malaise that comes with Fall.

Incredibly Strange Creatures: Best time: Summer, 1 am.

Evil Dead: Best time: Summer/Fall, 2 pm. Scary in the daytime--I think because it's daytime for a long while in the film.

Phantasm: Best time: Summer/Fall, Begin at 4 pm. Another scary, daylight-filled movie. Oh, and then you MUST proceed to Phantasm II.

Basket Case: Best time: Summer, afternoon movie, 4 pm.

Hellraiser: Best time: Anytime of year, 4-5 pm. If it ends AS the sun sets, it'll scare you even more.

Plan 9 From Outer Space: Best time: Anytime of year, 10 am. You won't feel like you've wasted your whole day when it's over at 11:30.

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari: Best time: Anytime of year, 1 am. Best when your mind is limber.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure: Best time: Anythime of year, 10-11 pm. You want to be giddy after midnight rolls around. Great late night movie.

After Hours: Best time: Anythime of year, but Summer/Fall is best. Begin at midnight--DUH.

Xmen: Best time: Winter, Dinnertime--6-7 pm. Only one part per evening.

Body Double: Best time: Summer, 6 pm. Again, creepy if you watch this as it gets dark outside.

Playtime: Best time: Anytime of year, Summer is best. 4-6 am. Trust me on this.

Naked: Best time: Fall/Winter, 7-8 pm. You'll want more time to watch something else afterwards.

Bad Lieutenant: Best time: Anytime of year, 3 pm. You'll want A LOT of time to wash this one off your brain.

Amelie: Best time: Christmas or New Year's. 6 pm.

Ed Wood: Best time: Anytime of year, 10 pm.

The Thin Man: Best time: Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, 8 or 9 pm. Or, if you want to do the whole series, try watching from Christmas to New Year's. Drink heavily too.

Buffy, Seasons 1-3: Best time to watch: Begin when school begins, September. Finish in Winter.

Begotten: Best time to watch: NEVER!!! Don't ever watch this movie! It was beautiful when I saw it, but then it proceeded to haunt my memories and mysteriously depressed me deeply for over 30 days afterwards!


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