Patrick Dean Talks COLD CREW

Chris Schweizer talks with Patrick about all things scary, eerie and Halloweenie--including his new Recoil comic, COLD CREW. Check out their discussion here: Halloween Special





Thank you to everyone who spread the word and to those who kicked in a bunch of moolah to purchase some of my original artwork and comic books today! Not only have you helped me out, but you've made it easier for RECOIL to release this month's HALLOWEEN one-shot comic, COLD CREW  by the very talented, Patrick Dean ! A great cartoonist--and the first new cartoonist to be published by RECOIL. You may know him from his wondeful "Underwhelming Lovecraft Monsters" strips and "My Half-Assed Cosplay Ideas" sketchbook drawings, both of  which have been making the rounds on comics news sites-- io9 , forbiddenplanet, Digital Spy, Robot 6-- to great delight. So, check your local comic shops in the next two weeks and pick up a copy! And thank you all again for your support!




It's been well over 20 years that I've been in this elusive (and sometimes illusive!) comic book industry, and at age 43--(about to turn 44 next month), I have--like so many times in my past--found myself with less than 80 dollars in my bank account. Rent, car repairs, YMCA fees, rental insurance, car insurance, phone charges... YOU name it--it has come crashing down on me all at once. Therefore, I am selling some attractive, NEW pages of art from various Recoil (and other) comic book projects of mine. So, If you find yourself in a decent financial status at the moment, please consider purchasing one (or more!) of these lovely pieces of original art. If interested, just email me and send money to my Paypal (as GIFT, please) at :



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 Hellracer, Page 2. 13 X 20" $300.00


 Pete And Miriam, Issue 2. 16 1/4 X 24 1/2" $300.00


 Don't Look Back!, Original cover artwork, 2008. 13 X 20" $250.00


EC Style King Blood page. 11 X 17" $275.00


Clover Honey, 2014 version, Page 2. 10 X 15 " $150.00


Clover Honey, 2014 version, Page 12. 10 X 15" $125.00


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Clover Honey, 2014 version, Page 67. 9 X 13 1/2 " SOLD OUT!


King Blood, Page 3. 6 X 9" $75.00


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Killer In my Sleep, Page 17. 7 X 11" SOLD OUT!


Killer In My Sleep, Page 18. 7 X 11" SOLD OUT!







Tomorrow afternoon I will have copies of our latest Recoil comic book, King Blood #0. This issue is a retelling of sorts about Fran and Vlad's life together over the years. However, NO specific scenes are the same as any already published in their previous stories like, Cannibal Porn, The Horror Of Collier County or Don't Look Back! These are additional scenes squeezed into their past time line that COULD have been in those comics, but specifically were not. Anyway, this issue is a precursor to what I hope will be a longer running series than my past flirtations with the vampiric couple, it MAY be a mini series, it may be a long running sereis, we'll see. But, I do believe it will be a fun read. Available online now and will be in stores across the U.S. next week!